Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting


-Time Is But a Fleeting Moment for Us-

Time is but a fleeting moment for us…
Brief seconds in the Universe’s life
The flash of a Nebula’s awakening
The implosion of a high mass star.

We are but well traveled solo ghosts
floating in and out across barren lands
struggling between the trees of our existence
floating softly across life’s impoverished sands.

We are but tough Adventurers
Following no one else’s lead
We carry with us our knowledge
We ourselves are our trusted steed.

We are but secret lover’s
Making love to ourselves and what we do
Having passion for only what is in us
Only knowing our own truths.

We are but our own creators
We create that of which we are
We can choose to hide our brightness
Or we can light the way like the sky’s brightest star.

(Christine A Kysely)

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Home


Tongkonan is the traditional ancestral house, or rumah adat of the Torajan people, in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Tongkonan have a distinguishing boat-shaped and oversized saddleback roof. Like most of Indonesia’s Austronesian-based traditional architecture tongkonan are built on piles. The construction of tongkonan is laborious work and it is usually built with the help of all family members. In the original Toraja society, only nobles had the right to build tongkonan. Commoners live in smaller and less decorated homes called banua.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique


This is Londa, a natural cave, the burial ground for Tana Toraja ancestors. Located in Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. There are steep rocks and inside there are caves to store corpses and coffins. In this room very low light, so you should bring a flashlight and hire a tour guide. You might feel a little scared, because there are a lot of coffins and human bones. When entering the cave, you will see a coffin hung above the cliffs. For the Toraja, if a coffin hung on high, then they will be higher degree. It is said that when the ancients died, they (the dead) must walk alone to the cemetery, with the help of a shaman. Near a coffin hung, you will see the “Tau-tau” is a sculpture resembling the deceased. Typically, the Toraja must slaughtered four buffaloes and two pigs to be made “Tau-tau” for the dead. Upon entering the cave, you will see a coffin placed on a cave wall, or placed on the sidelines of the cave. You’ll also see a lot of skulls and bones scattered, because coffin was damaged. They were buried in the cave, usually only for one family only. In addition, you will see offerings such as flowers, incense, and smoking in the coffin.

inside the cave




from outside



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